How do I create leather brooch?

As promised yesterday I am sharing a link to the new leather flower tutorial.
To read more about it, see the materials and tools needed and purchase please go to http://presentperfectcreations.com/product/leather-gerbera-brooch-photo-tutorial-pdf/
This new tutorial is more than any previous ones full packed of pictures showing every step of the process, but should you have any questions or would like me to comment of the flower you have created using this tutorial I am here to help. You can always e-mail me at enquiries@presentperfectcreations.com. I would also like to hear if there are any particular flower tutorials you would be interested in. There are so many beautiful blooms in this world and they are all so different that it is virtually impossible to create all of them. But such all time favourites like roses and poppies are already on my list of tutorials to do.
Ah, and the last thing (but not the least)! To purchase your copy of tutorial with a 30% discount simply use gerbera30 discount code on checkout. But do remember that this is a time sensitive offer and it is valid only until midnight Sunday 14 December 2014 GMT.
I am sure that there is still plenty of time to make a couple of gerberas and present them as original and hand crafted Christmas gifts. Good luck to you! 
Here are the tools and materials that are required for this tutorial.

Hours are left before the release of the tutorial and I can not keep it a secret any longer! Yes, the tutorial is on creating a leather gerbera flower just like one in the picture to the left. It is easy enough even for a beginner to try and at the same time those of you who can not wait to use their flower irons can have a go at them when making this flower. Although the tutorial shows how to finish the gerbera with a brooch pin, it can be turned into a range of other accessories just like any other flower. In fact, I take pride in my ability to come up with quite unusual and quirky floral accessories. To share one idea with you I can say that a pair of leather  gerberas can make stunning shoe clips which you can jazz up your favourite pair of shoes with. It goes without saying that leather gerbera brooch makes an original and much appreciated gift for those who understand about hand crafted accessories. Provided you have got some suitable leather and a bit of time you can still make one or two flowers before Christmas!
To use time efficiently you can stiffen you leather in advance. I am explaining how to do in in my blog post here.  It is better to use 2 contrasting colours, say, a darker leather for the centre and some pale (or rich!) coloured leather or suede for the petals.
Here is the list of materials and tools you will need for the tutorial. If you have any questions regarding this list please feel free to leave a comment below.


If you have been interested in making a leather flower , this is the perfect tutorial for you. You will create elegant and stunning poppy using elements of Japanese Somebana technique. You will be amazed how fast and fun it is. Skill Level: Beginners - Advance The tutorial contains 13 pages with 34 clear and close photos, instructions and patterns. Numerous tips make this project easy to finish and help you create your own personal variations. Link to instant download Step-by-step instructions with colour photos. In order to create the same realistic leather flower I recommender you to use professional Japanese irons If you have been interested in making a leather flower , this is the perfect tutorial for you. You will create elegant and stunning poppy using elements of Japanese Somebana technique. You will be amazed how fast and fun it is. Skill Level: Beginners - Advance The tutorial contains 13 pages with 34 clear and close photos, instructions and patterns. Numerous tips make this project easy to finish and help you create your own personal variations. Link to instant download Step-by-step instructions with colour photos. In order to create the same realistic leather flower I recommender you to use professional Japanese irons https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/165969875/japanese-millinery-flower-making-tools?ref=shop_home_active In this project I also used the Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA stiffener https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/127085896/polyvinyl-alcohol-pva-poweder-100g?ref=shop_home_activewas Important: Purchasing this tutorial , you have agreed to use it only for your personal, non-commercial use. The purchase of this pattern does not give you permission to copy this pattern. (c)All rights reserved, apply to the design and illustrations of this pattern Created by Galina Kofod - Galelina flowers, Australia Thanks for visiting!

Galina Kofod


How do I do a Christmas tree ornament

It is so nice to decorate your home at Christmas time, and extra fun when you know you’ve made all the decorations yourself! Making them is a lovely family activity on those cold winter afternoons.




How a woman asks for "this"

Love talk

Necessary assistance to any modern woman
Sex in the workplace?
The Cosmopolitan survey showed that 47 percent of Hungarian women, that almost every second woman had had sexual relations with his colleagues at work. 54 percent of the women interviewed said they had sex at work. There are limits, however, was only 7 percent who had been sleeping with her boss at work.
The US, Russia and countries of the European Union, the rate is slightly higher, while China and India is a little bit lower. We have to accept that the reality of workplace relations?
Cases related to sex work in the majority of men believed they were the initiators. Women, it is true up to 20 percent of sex in the workplace. Women are harder to put up a connection to the workplace because of this social behavioral norms do not allow them. However, a little flirting can help. But what if the man still enter? How could you ask a woman that the man wants to work in partnership?

Millions of women worldwide encounter this problem. And they can not solve. The solution of the Blue Card is required. Order it in their blue card that will always let you know what they think about it. Order it in the blue card that you ask your potential male partner, while avoid becoming ridiculous.

This is a question that more and more often ask women. Not in contemporary, modern correspondence, where women are much freer than they were a 30-50 years, there is no solution for this situation. But there are methods that can help women in this situation. And that is the Blue Card.
Here's what to do:
1. Open a new e-mail address, which no one knows but you.
2. Write a brief biography, but without the data, according to which you could recognize it. Write what you want. Speak openly and clearly. The biography indicate your new e-mail address.
3rd Pay an annual membership fee for the Blue Card Club 120 USD.
4. Information about payment and resume to the following address: haladunk@aol.com.

You will soon get its own blue card and explanation, what to do further.


Women ask

How to ask him if he wants me

Lisa, 37:
I'm married. I think about my life all OK. I have two sons. I worry about no. I drive them to school, and in the afternoon I drive them to training. We have a small but very beautiful house. I love my red Volvo car. My husband drives a big American car. My husband makes good money. He works a lot and travels a lot. He frequently travels with his colleague, who is younger than me and a very pretty woman. I do not know what's going on in their business trip, but I'm not jealous. She is married. Her husband is younger and more beautiful than my husband. I like the youthful clothes. I very nice look. I always keep an eye on her makeup and to every detail of my clothes. At work I have a colleague who we are somewhat courted. For a long time I think about little flirting with him. I do not want a link, only a small adventure. But he did not start. I do not know if he really wants me to have. I'm a woman, and yet it can not openly ask, whether he wanted to bed with me. What if responds with a "no"? What will happen if you make me look ridiculous? Or will he start to every story, what I asked? I have heard that there is a "Blue Card", which helps in these situations? How does it work?

Yes, the "Blue Card" was invented just for this situation. The system is not easy, but it works great. It is good that you want to be informed about the "Blue Card" before SRO order it. Especially it is not inexpensive, but not too expensive. In addition, you can use it in a year many times. These problems, what you specified in the letter, solves you quick, easy, discreet and elegant. It is a system with which modern women can communicate with men on "difficult issues". A detailed free information on the system and method of using the "Blue Card" can be obtained, by calling miksa.beer@gmail.com. The subject field, type: Blue Card.

The secret of effective diet

How to become more attractive?

Feel like a queen in society. Be irresistibly beautiful.

High volume suit textile industry will never be as beautiful and challenging to you, as a creation of the famous fashion designer, tailor-made exclusively for you. Programs diets in newspapers will never be as successful as the diet program crafted exclusively for you. If you want to really feel that you are beautiful and attractive, order your own diet program. Not inexpensive, but nothing is inexpensive, which is valuable. Own diet program costs 30 USD. Much? And is not that expensive feel that people are whispering behind you, because you are not lean and challenging? If you want to feel the wonderful feeling that you win a man's heart, this investment you need. Imagine how you will want a man of your heart! Order your own program by clicking on the PayPal button.

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Latest News 


UEFA on Tuesday, yesterday announced that Beau Jeu (Beautiful Game) called the ball game changed at the same time Fracas (crash) fantasy bearing the name of the previous plans and marketing aspects properly. the closing laps of the group, so today's and tomorrow's matches even the official - white-blue-orange-tinged - European Championship will be held balls. This is the first time in its history the sport's European Championships, the tournament that changed the official ball fly.

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The proposal said it would like to achieve that among women is increasing in popularity given the continent's football championship of the future. Accordingly, tendered designers and fashion designers, prior to the championship. The professional and amateur fashion designers are planning to jerseys for the teams. The jerseys social websites (Facebook) are presented and can be vote for them here. The teams each match is different jerseys were playing (note that the match is played between the teams jersey attract more diverse, have more contrast). The winning designers matches before a roved film shows.
The sports equipment designers are planning to balls. They are also on Facebook are presented and vote, precisely like the addition could decide which balls will be used in matches. Of course, those who receive the most votes. Every game is different colored balls would play. The ball manufacturer must ensure that the technical characteristics of the balls should be Cask and the difference between the colors and look the same. This is in addition to the selected balls must comply with the matches and TV coverage requirements in full: The track color and the players, judges and goalkeepers Jerseys colors of be contrasting in color to be the more visible during the match and mediation.

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Story of the Fat Chick

-Hi Mari! Small Marika, or do you know whether to call it now - greeted him with a blonde beauty fashionable outfit. Real sex bomb. Mari stared at him:
- Do I know you?
- Come on! Do not you recognize me? I am a "Fat Chick".
Mari suddenly jumped to the memory of former high-school pictures. He remembered "Fat Chick" is. It was a very fat girl. As high as wide. Almost to roll.
- The "fat chick"? I just do not ... No! It can not be! "Fat Chick"  is fat!
- She was just darling. She was just.
- My goodness! Is that really you. How did you do it?
Meanwhile, Joe joined them, Mari colleagues. How many times dreaming Mari sure that Joe will invite a romantic rendezvous, or to ask to dance, or just to sit alone on a bench in the park and talking ... Joe kissed her "Fat Chick". Maria is a whole world collapsed.
- I'll see you darling, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything you want. But we must now thread - said "Fat Chick", with started, Joe went out with her as he runs after the angle of the magnet.

If you want to be beautiful, you might also need to make you lose weight. We know that "Fat Chick" how he did it. Try? It's not neccessary. It was only after then do not be surprised if you're a blonde sex bomb acquires your man.
Information: http://howtono1.blogspot.rs/p/diet.html 


This entry will be available for 48 hours!

(The translation is made with Google translate)

Free diet program for everyone - this diet program will only be available for 48 hours!

Free diet tips on how to lose weight off
Say goodbye to their excess pounds - fast, simple and not harmful to health diet


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Diet - fast smart list

10 things you should know before you start your diet

Follow a diet? There is a three minute? Read!

Before anyone attempting to misinterpret my words, there's something I want to say: From edge to give advice. That is why I want to talk to anybody diet, I just want to help some brief thoughts.

1. People usually do not become an either in themselves or anyone else, but we are beginning to follow a diet that someone like them. Therefore, before you start your diet, you may want to know how that person likes you better. I do not know what to say, but that it would appeal to her better.

2. Any short the time is too short not to diet plans. If your body does not leave you enough time, it can easily happen that you look after your diet, such as a thin-looking woman in a size XS XL puts on a huge cloth.

3. Parallel to the diet, the body shape of formatting do not forget it. There are two important reasons. First, because this enhances the calorie consumption, thus helping in the diet. Equally important because it helps the body with that in your diet, add a shape you want. Due to the disappearance of fat because otherwise it can happen that the muscles are limp.

4. Any diet you use, enter the body enough fluids. Do not allow to dry out your body. This status is indicated on the skin. I'm sure he did not want me to diet as a consequence of your skin would dry and wrinkled.

5. Any diet you use it, enter your body sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals. Eat enough food and raw fiber material to a sudden change in eating habits do not overlay to your digestive system without causing a shortage of supply to the body.

6. Pay attention to the clothes size redeemed. If you change too quickly size is too small, it will not be pretty either not attractive. The clothes do not all have to sit tight enough to be sexy you are.

7. As far as your diet is important, so it is also important not to'll get fat returned after a successful diet. A good diet program characteristics to continuously introduce effective weight loss diet at the end of the period and constantly keep out of this stage. They also advise that after continuing to feed to a heavy diet lost kilograms do not come back during the day almost.

8. A good diet is not a quick weight loss. Dieting 'only' second product. A good diet is adjusted precisely to the body with the nutrition habits, food quantity, composition.

9. Does not meet all the people all the diet programs. A proper diet program determining important to know the following: How tall you are, your body weight, how much you want to lose weight you want to lose weight how much time, how many times you eat each day, how much do you eat, what you eat, what kind of work you do, how you sit, you sleep, you rest, whether you train, how much time you daily diet.

10. Each person is unique. You too. The best diet program for you is what you personally develop. That's all you deserve. Do not accept less.


Diet and Beauty

To preserve the beauty of the skin over time to your diet?

What determines the diet is

People often explain two things, why start a diet. One explanation sounds good, the other is true. They say that they want to feel good in their skin. This sounds good. Others admit that I start a diet to be more beautiful. This is true.

It is strange that at the time of this diet just to overshadow the second. The most important indicator of people the beauty of your skin. A nice, shiny, tight skin. If your diet is inadequate, the skin is these important properties of risking the loss.

When the body size decreases, the skin should follow it, because the difference limp, will be wrinkled. It is therefore not a sudden weight loss diet plans promising to apply (unless on medical advice and under medical supervision a person engaged in such drastic diet). The skin needs time to Pull together, stay tight and elastic.

In two things you can help. The first is to provide adequate dietary consumption of vitamin rich. If your diet program requires otherwise, the minimum required vitamins and minerals that our bodies can no longer be the. It must be ensured is that the proportion of water in the body does not fall below a minimum level. It does not only lead to a deterioration of the skin's beauty, but also to health. Therefore, they must apply under the scrutiny of the diet programs that the organization's method of rapid water loss. (Because these diet programs provide the fastest and most spectacular result in promising, these are the most popular diet programs).

Another important thing is the skin's proper treatment. When massaged every day our skin, enhance the skin's blood supply and thus help our ability to recover. First, it must be massaging the places where the greatest decrease in body fat (abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, thighs). The massage can be done so that tiny circling movements performed on our skin in that area. The alternative, if the skin for space finger tip gently pats, is tapped. One method does not overdo it. An area with a 5-10 minute massage is completely sufficient. If we want to achieve better results, not the one-time massage should prolong rather than several times a day 20-30 minutes must be paid to the skin massage.

This helps protect the skin even when water containing moisturizing cream coat with. Body lotion, shaving, post-hair removal, face and hand creams are made from hundreds of moisturizing finish. Not sure if the more expensive the better. The skin is anyway only for a limited amount of water can absorb and integrate, so it does not really have to believe in the advertisements to a cream three times, four times or five times a moisturizing effect. The fact that the cream is applied to the respective surface and rub it into the skin, has already carried out a massage.


Diet Programs

How do I find out which diet program is right for me?

Diet program offers
10 diet program

The diet point of view it is fair to say that there are people, so many. Every man, if he wants to follow a diet, you need a different kind of diet program. Of course, that's no kind of diet program. But the most effective diet has been also very helpful if people use them, the more appropriate diet program.

The makers of diet programs do not become a course in so many kinds of diet is a diet program and that you have to get better respond to dieting people supported the organization needs. Instead, everyone is promoting his own diet program.

This time I would like to hand over a brief selection of good and previously effective diet programs. The diet compilations shows that one diet program on one website. It is worth a little look through your diet programs and eégondolkodni on which diet program corresponds to what extent to you if you have been on a diet.

A 7 days diet program:

9 days diet program:

The 10 best diet program:

Diet plans:

The best diet programs:

Diet tricks:

How to diet:

Mediterranean diet:

Balanced diet:

Paleo diet:


The secret of a successful diet

How do I do that you do not we'll get fat again after the diet?

Diet without starvation

Most people gain weight again after a successful diet is almost a matter of days. During the diet difficult time ran out pounds of rapidly returning. Why?

Well, such is unsuccessful diet Emmily no secret either. The diet recipes makers strive to women recipes are proposed, which they will be more satisfied. The human body is 70 percent water. A woman's body is due to a natural layer of fat even greater amounts in the water. It is obvious, therefore, if the quantity of water which gives off the body. This way you can lose weight quickly. But this diet is not effective.

The body needs 70 percent of the water in order to function properly, do not be sick. If it is forced to be given a short time to reduce the proportion of water in which they are used during emergency measures expire on a diet, your body will take back the required amount of water. So back in the diet difficult to cast extra weight.

What are the delivery of water using diets? Primarily reduce the salt intake. Likewise, reducing the amount of water consumed. In any case, the increased consumption of food is suggested that a diuretic in nature (asparagus, cucumber, green tea, celery, squash, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon, bananas, beets ... - I do not want to say that should these foods be avoided. indeed! they contain a lot of material that are fighting for our health in terms of importance, such as free radicals against the beets and tomatoes or cabbage body cleansing nature. during the diet increased need for these foods. But if you step up to the diet result of these the consumption of food and other essential foods were reduced, not only that the diet will not be effective, but can also cause damage to your health). This is in addition to some diets recommend the use of diuretic medications as well.

Such a diet can not bring lasting results because your diet is not intended to result, but the apparent success. So what's the secret to a lasting and effective diet?

Very simple: fewer calories during the diet has to be entered into the body, such as the organization enjoyed. Simultaneously it must carefully plan the diet that the body during the diet with adequate food and sufficient to provide important material.

If a diet begins to eat only cabbage soup for days to be, or to drink several liters of green tea a day, well, the evil diet. If you really want to lose weight, the diet of these recipes are not needed.


10 reasons for the failure of weight loss

If you change this, the diet will be successful.
Not designed the diet program your
There was no proper motivation
There was no proper control
It was not a realistic target
It was not a proper weight loss programs
Too big steps did you want to go
There was no reward system
After successful subtasks lacked recognition
Did you cope with the problem alone
Deceived yourself
If you change this, the diet will be successful. In detail: 

10 reasons for the failure of weight loss

Not designed the diet program your
Dieting is not an easy thing to do. The body rejecting the resting state. In other words: you step out of the conformal-zone. Such changes need to be prepared. Not only spiritually, but also physically. For example: you have eaten a lot of sweets. Now dieting recipe is now completely free of sugar you want to live (at least a few weeks), the body needs to at least 7-10 days to prepare for this change. Otherwise it reaches a dramatic effect on the things that can be medically catastrophic consequences. This is why so many weight-loss program much more harm than good, even if you are incredibly many pounds can help ease these programs.

There was no proper motivation
Without any motivation to go harder. The bigger the task, the more important motivation. The bigger the task, the more important motivation. The longer term concerns of the task, the more important motivation. In addition to food is not full refrigerator is more difficult than adhere to a few weeks or a few months' diet. Such suitable motivation purpose is required. The fact that "lose weight 10-20 pounds," improper motivation of kilos of weight in good control. Measurable quantities. You can check the volume. But you can not move the brain. For this to be a goal, which is to be positive emotions: joy, contentment. For that to lose weight I have to show you are well yesterday bought a beautiful bathing suit (which is a smaller number than it should be) is now able to move the brain.

There was no proper control
Without checking the person can perform a task, either. Even workaholics, either. If there is no other who can review, check yourself. This is better than nothing. But only a little. The people most susceptible to deceive himself. Therefore, the more successful group diets. Someone always allocate the task to check on you. And even if there is competition, or perhaps even with the competition, who controls, well then the judge gave you strict as possible. And in this case it is not a punishment but a gift. Of course people tend to "secretly" doing the diet. They think, so there will be no big problem if it fails heavy any more. But this secrecy intact into account the chances of success in the dieting.

It was not a realistic target
Many people, especially the very fat people tend to make plans too much dieting. Let's say you weigh 90 and say that tomorrow mailed off 20 pounds, you would not believe it. But if you say that you mailed in a month down to 20 pounds, I believe it has. But it is equally impossible as in the previous case. More precisely possible if the diet is based on the amount of body water loss will be less in weight. But this method is harmful to your health. On the other hand, the cast so pounds quickly come back as they left. The body replaces the missing amount of water. The organization does not want to get sick, even if you also want to force it. think of the design to a maximum limit of acceptable body weight loss of 5 percent of their body weight.

It was not a proper weight loss programs
Most women (too many men) from the newspaper account of the weight loss tips. Did your girlfriend get a're totally recipe. Think about it: Take a small-town card number, say 10,000 copies. On average 13,000 read. You really believe that weight loss recipes that appear in the newspaper in the small city of 13,000 inhabitants is good? You do not! You are human. Unique. That's good for you, our diet should also be unique. Such as suits you. The difficult thing to find in the newspapers ...

Too big steps did you want to go
People like to be successful. Delve into what was a smashing success in dieting is what everyone sees. Even the ones who see us every day. But this is not dieting. To ensure good and effective weight loss should leave the dreaming. You need to plan realistically. Small but effective steps. The environment can help that can encourage us tells us that we consume. Every day. Even if the result is not seen every day. But the small steps designed to take the longer term success. The major steps are only good for dreaming. Never bring attention and long-term results.

There was no reward system
Before the animals have been realigned, the man himself "realigned". Even using the same method: Every success rewarded. Dieting is a complex for grouping. You have to go into the comfort zone. It's hard. The organization does not want to. The mind is not. Of course, a small reward each was different. only here that the reward can not be an ice cream, a slice of cake, a cold beer or a few glasses of vermouth. This would mean that the rewards are just eliminate the results. But do not miss out on the reward. And it can not be symbolic. Do not give yourself a worthless degree, what your job you make it on your computer. Do not stand in front of the mirror and do not repeat that: "I lost weight, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! '. Reward yourself say, a nice costume jewelry. A flashy ball-point pen, notebook useful, with a book. But it should be a reward for a reward. Do not say one thing had taken him to this reward because I just managed to lose a pound. The reward will buy it for yourself if you succeeded in your weight loss plan. And if you fail to plan, buy it in no way. The brain feel should understand that this reward and you should know why you act as you may earn. It is important that the value of the reward is determined not by its price, but how much you have, how important it is. And something else: reward not only for the whole program. Proportionally smaller rewards enjoyed by all after partial results.

After successful subtasks lacked recognition
This round of negotiations has already begun in the previous section. To be effective, the final major task was divided into several small little pieces. Let's say a two-month diet a diet of 8-9 week. Each week, check the results and evaluate our work and if successful, we will reward ourselves. The ultimate goal of all sub-tasks are equally important. And every recognition, rewards are all equally important.

Did you cope with the problem alone
People are very, very few exceptions, are afraid of failure. Therefore, if you tell someone that dieting and diet fails, they have failed to face with it. If you're not a diet Grapes of their failure did not know anyone. But support for the environment and diet control without success about as much chance as to shadow-boxing match your way out of its own shadow. Nothing.

Deceived yourself
Man is capable of many things in order to avoid failure. He's lying, not telling the truth, inaccurately measured or says that the balance of evil. And no one can so easily fooled as himself. All regret, without remorse of conscience allows. While this may not end, do not expect to be successful long-term weight loss. Like many others, either. Count it down. Now and forever. Never slam about yourself.

Let me help you.

If you told yourself somewhere in the unknown, you are already half solved the problem. In life there is no unsolvable problem. If the flaws of the human face, realistically assess the situation and determine your goals, almost everything can be fixed.

This can help you. Sign miksa.beer@gmail.com the e-mail address. type in the subject box: Diet.

Thank you to carefully read my post.