Diet and Beauty

To preserve the beauty of the skin over time to your diet?

What determines the diet is

People often explain two things, why start a diet. One explanation sounds good, the other is true. They say that they want to feel good in their skin. This sounds good. Others admit that I start a diet to be more beautiful. This is true.

It is strange that at the time of this diet just to overshadow the second. The most important indicator of people the beauty of your skin. A nice, shiny, tight skin. If your diet is inadequate, the skin is these important properties of risking the loss.

When the body size decreases, the skin should follow it, because the difference limp, will be wrinkled. It is therefore not a sudden weight loss diet plans promising to apply (unless on medical advice and under medical supervision a person engaged in such drastic diet). The skin needs time to Pull together, stay tight and elastic.

In two things you can help. The first is to provide adequate dietary consumption of vitamin rich. If your diet program requires otherwise, the minimum required vitamins and minerals that our bodies can no longer be the. It must be ensured is that the proportion of water in the body does not fall below a minimum level. It does not only lead to a deterioration of the skin's beauty, but also to health. Therefore, they must apply under the scrutiny of the diet programs that the organization's method of rapid water loss. (Because these diet programs provide the fastest and most spectacular result in promising, these are the most popular diet programs).

Another important thing is the skin's proper treatment. When massaged every day our skin, enhance the skin's blood supply and thus help our ability to recover. First, it must be massaging the places where the greatest decrease in body fat (abdomen, hips, buttocks, waist, thighs). The massage can be done so that tiny circling movements performed on our skin in that area. The alternative, if the skin for space finger tip gently pats, is tapped. One method does not overdo it. An area with a 5-10 minute massage is completely sufficient. If we want to achieve better results, not the one-time massage should prolong rather than several times a day 20-30 minutes must be paid to the skin massage.

This helps protect the skin even when water containing moisturizing cream coat with. Body lotion, shaving, post-hair removal, face and hand creams are made from hundreds of moisturizing finish. Not sure if the more expensive the better. The skin is anyway only for a limited amount of water can absorb and integrate, so it does not really have to believe in the advertisements to a cream three times, four times or five times a moisturizing effect. The fact that the cream is applied to the respective surface and rub it into the skin, has already carried out a massage.

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