Story of the Fat Chick

-Hi Mari! Small Marika, or do you know whether to call it now - greeted him with a blonde beauty fashionable outfit. Real sex bomb. Mari stared at him:
- Do I know you?
- Come on! Do not you recognize me? I am a "Fat Chick".
Mari suddenly jumped to the memory of former high-school pictures. He remembered "Fat Chick" is. It was a very fat girl. As high as wide. Almost to roll.
- The "fat chick"? I just do not ... No! It can not be! "Fat Chick"  is fat!
- She was just darling. She was just.
- My goodness! Is that really you. How did you do it?
Meanwhile, Joe joined them, Mari colleagues. How many times dreaming Mari sure that Joe will invite a romantic rendezvous, or to ask to dance, or just to sit alone on a bench in the park and talking ... Joe kissed her "Fat Chick". Maria is a whole world collapsed.
- I'll see you darling, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything you want. But we must now thread - said "Fat Chick", with started, Joe went out with her as he runs after the angle of the magnet.

If you want to be beautiful, you might also need to make you lose weight. We know that "Fat Chick" how he did it. Try? It's not neccessary. It was only after then do not be surprised if you're a blonde sex bomb acquires your man.
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