The secret of a successful diet

How do I do that you do not we'll get fat again after the diet?

Diet without starvation

Most people gain weight again after a successful diet is almost a matter of days. During the diet difficult time ran out pounds of rapidly returning. Why?

Well, such is unsuccessful diet Emmily no secret either. The diet recipes makers strive to women recipes are proposed, which they will be more satisfied. The human body is 70 percent water. A woman's body is due to a natural layer of fat even greater amounts in the water. It is obvious, therefore, if the quantity of water which gives off the body. This way you can lose weight quickly. But this diet is not effective.

The body needs 70 percent of the water in order to function properly, do not be sick. If it is forced to be given a short time to reduce the proportion of water in which they are used during emergency measures expire on a diet, your body will take back the required amount of water. So back in the diet difficult to cast extra weight.

What are the delivery of water using diets? Primarily reduce the salt intake. Likewise, reducing the amount of water consumed. In any case, the increased consumption of food is suggested that a diuretic in nature (asparagus, cucumber, green tea, celery, squash, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon, bananas, beets ... - I do not want to say that should these foods be avoided. indeed! they contain a lot of material that are fighting for our health in terms of importance, such as free radicals against the beets and tomatoes or cabbage body cleansing nature. during the diet increased need for these foods. But if you step up to the diet result of these the consumption of food and other essential foods were reduced, not only that the diet will not be effective, but can also cause damage to your health). This is in addition to some diets recommend the use of diuretic medications as well.

Such a diet can not bring lasting results because your diet is not intended to result, but the apparent success. So what's the secret to a lasting and effective diet?

Very simple: fewer calories during the diet has to be entered into the body, such as the organization enjoyed. Simultaneously it must carefully plan the diet that the body during the diet with adequate food and sufficient to provide important material.

If a diet begins to eat only cabbage soup for days to be, or to drink several liters of green tea a day, well, the evil diet. If you really want to lose weight, the diet of these recipes are not needed.

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