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How to ask him if he wants me

Lisa, 37:
I'm married. I think about my life all OK. I have two sons. I worry about no. I drive them to school, and in the afternoon I drive them to training. We have a small but very beautiful house. I love my red Volvo car. My husband drives a big American car. My husband makes good money. He works a lot and travels a lot. He frequently travels with his colleague, who is younger than me and a very pretty woman. I do not know what's going on in their business trip, but I'm not jealous. She is married. Her husband is younger and more beautiful than my husband. I like the youthful clothes. I very nice look. I always keep an eye on her makeup and to every detail of my clothes. At work I have a colleague who we are somewhat courted. For a long time I think about little flirting with him. I do not want a link, only a small adventure. But he did not start. I do not know if he really wants me to have. I'm a woman, and yet it can not openly ask, whether he wanted to bed with me. What if responds with a "no"? What will happen if you make me look ridiculous? Or will he start to every story, what I asked? I have heard that there is a "Blue Card", which helps in these situations? How does it work?

Yes, the "Blue Card" was invented just for this situation. The system is not easy, but it works great. It is good that you want to be informed about the "Blue Card" before SRO order it. Especially it is not inexpensive, but not too expensive. In addition, you can use it in a year many times. These problems, what you specified in the letter, solves you quick, easy, discreet and elegant. It is a system with which modern women can communicate with men on "difficult issues". A detailed free information on the system and method of using the "Blue Card" can be obtained, by calling miksa.beer@gmail.com. The subject field, type: Blue Card.

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