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Sex in the workplace?
The Cosmopolitan survey showed that 47 percent of Hungarian women, that almost every second woman had had sexual relations with his colleagues at work. 54 percent of the women interviewed said they had sex at work. There are limits, however, was only 7 percent who had been sleeping with her boss at work.
The US, Russia and countries of the European Union, the rate is slightly higher, while China and India is a little bit lower. We have to accept that the reality of workplace relations?
Cases related to sex work in the majority of men believed they were the initiators. Women, it is true up to 20 percent of sex in the workplace. Women are harder to put up a connection to the workplace because of this social behavioral norms do not allow them. However, a little flirting can help. But what if the man still enter? How could you ask a woman that the man wants to work in partnership?

Millions of women worldwide encounter this problem. And they can not solve. The solution of the Blue Card is required. Order it in their blue card that will always let you know what they think about it. Order it in the blue card that you ask your potential male partner, while avoid becoming ridiculous.

This is a question that more and more often ask women. Not in contemporary, modern correspondence, where women are much freer than they were a 30-50 years, there is no solution for this situation. But there are methods that can help women in this situation. And that is the Blue Card.
Here's what to do:
1. Open a new e-mail address, which no one knows but you.
2. Write a brief biography, but without the data, according to which you could recognize it. Write what you want. Speak openly and clearly. The biography indicate your new e-mail address.
3rd Pay an annual membership fee for the Blue Card Club 120 USD.
4. Information about payment and resume to the following address: haladunk@aol.com.

You will soon get its own blue card and explanation, what to do further.

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