I like to be nice

Is beauty gone?

Elvira, 34: I like to be nice. Even in high school, I used to feel the feeling when I knew that boys would see I liked them. You might feel that different in the way, but for me, my back is shaking. Fantastic feeling.
Since then, years have passed. I'm still taking care of myself now. I'm spending dietetics, training, and I'm sitting nicely. I'm always fun and caring. I do not want to do anything, but I just love being nice. I like it if I like others.
I've been thinking a lot about what's going to happen as I grow older. Is beauty gone? What will happen next?
Answer: It is often said that beauty is pervasive. This is not quite true. Physical beauty is long-lasting, so much will change. The face, the handkerchief, the skin ... But much can be saved: the body part, the cheerfulness, the beauty of the woman's soul. But this is a bit more complex. I can help you: Learn more by reading the next free study: "What kind of attractive woman looks like?"
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